Regaining Balance

Big Sky

Regaining Balance

Retreats for Women Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD
and Women Partnered with Vets with PTSD

For twenty years I could not find hope. Now I've found hope!

D. G. — 2017 Regaining Balance Retreat Participant

I hope that many other women veterans will be able to experience the Regaining Balance retreat. I went there with no expectations, and came out with a new focus and feeling more grounded. I know that others can feel this as well, but only if this amazing place continues its work with women veterans.

K. T. — Regaining Balance Retreat Participant

Please know that things and life are so much better here since I attended your retreat. I returned home a much more balanced woman, stronger boundaries, more empathy for [my husband’s] ptsd, more love for’s all good. And I’d love the opportunity to attend another retreat, as they are so powerful.

D. S. — Regaining Balance Retreat Participant

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